LincWay’s Mission: LincWay serves to link people together through art, food, space, unique opportunities, and the support of small businesses.  

LincWay’s Vision: To build a stronger community by creating opportunities for people to connect in meaningful ways.

LincWay’s Ethics: We seek to do business in a way that is God honoring.  We value supporting small business through creating sustainable partnerships. We value all our stakeholders; this includes employees and our customers.

“At the end of the day, let this world be better because you were in it.” ~ This quote inspired Dallas’s father, Marvin Steiner, during his lifetime, and we continue to strive towards the same.

LincWay Story

LincWay Café & Market, LincWay Art Studio, and LincWay Workspace are family-owned, future business through the Dallas Steiner Family which includes Dallas’ wife, Rhoda and children, Denver, Delight, Dustin, Devin, and Jia. The following shares a bit about our journey to open these businesses and partnership with the Wayne County Children’s STEAM Playlab.

In 2016 we visited a children’s museum and we left feeling like the Wayne County and surrounding areas could benefit from more places where families can connect through play and engaging activities.  Over the next few years, the topic continued to resurface. In the fall of 2019, the conversation picked back up and the we decided to start seriously looking at the possibility of building a children’s museum. That fall we bought a 14-acre field in Dalton off route 30 thinking this would be an ideal location and easy access for surrounding counties. After buying this field, we found out that the former owner had been praying that someone would buy it and do something good with it. 

Delight Howells, the oldest daughter of Dallas Steiner, began to pray about stepping away from working as a public health nurse for 12 years and making a career change.  In the winter of 2019 through a divine conversation, it was discovered that a non-profit had been established by Lori Colon with the purpose of building a children’s museum in Wayne County.  We met with Lori and discovered that our vision and plans were remarkably similar.  We realized that the Lord had been working to plant the seed for this project in our hearts for the purpose of constructing the building and for Lori to build out the space.  

In May 2020, Delight quit her public health job and decided to continue working towards a Master’s in Business that she had recently started and to begin planning for the future build.  We partnered with Weaver Commercial Construction to handle the building project.  With the blessing of her family, Delight continued to work on elements which would complement the future non-profit, Wayne County Children’s STEAM PlayLab (WCCSP).  With a commitment to work on more places for the community to connect, Delight has worked on planning for a future art studio, market, workspace, café, and conference rooms. 

As we reflect on our journey so far, we can clearly see God’s hand in the details.  Not only did He plant the seeds and passion for these projects, but he provided the resources, people, and expertise needed to bring together our plans.  We will continue to guide us are we move forward in the future. Our partnership with WCCSP has been a good one and we encourage everyone to visit to learn more about that project. 

Meaning of LincWay:  

We came up with LincWay which possesses a double meaning.  Is the building located off the Lincoln Way highway, but as the name suggests, linking or connecting is the way to go, as we are meant to be in healthy relationships, supporting, and building each other up.

Steiner Family Groundbreaking
Dallas Steiner Family Groundbreaking